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8mm and 16mm film to DVD or hard drive frame by frame transfer

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 Film Transfer to DVD | Slide Scanning | Camcorder tape to DVD

film to dvd projector 8mm film to dvd frame by frame film transfer to dvd film transfer to dvd super 8mm to dvd


8mm film to DVD, Super 8mm film to DVD and 16mm film to DVD, Camcorder tape to DVD, Slides to DVD

You've spent a lifetime making memories -- now make sure you keep them.  Whether on 16mm, 8mm, Super 8, or slides, your vintage media will transform into high-definition digital files saved on DVD or hard drive. There's no real-time transfer here -- each frame of your home movie reel will be scanned in detail so even the film grain is recorded.  Time marches on, years disappear, old forms of media go the way of the dinosaurs -- but now your memories don't have to.

Film Transfer to DVD | Slide Scanning | Camcorder tape to DVD



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 Film Transfer to DVD | Slide Scanning | Camcorder tape to DVD


8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm Film Transfer to DVD

You have spent a lifetime making memories.  Now is the time to relive the memories that are caught on your 8mm film, super 8mm film and 16mm films.

Just imagine reliving your parent's reaction to taking your first step, visiting grandma's house at Christmas time, or playing in the back yard sprinkler.
Your memories are always there.  We are the first generation able to relive our past - caught on film!

Your parents or grandparents were excited about the new technology of film and could not pass up recording you and your siblings every time you did something cute.

If you have film you have a gold-mine of your past. 

Being able to watch your memories from your childhood is what humans have desired since we were able to write.   Now, we can experience the past in high definition, and share our 8mm film on DVD with family and friends with a click of a button!

Blue Cloud Video transfers 16mm film to DVD, Super 8mm film to DVD, 8mm film to DVD, blu-ray and hard drive. 

We have been successfully in business since 2001 and use frame by frame film transfer technology.


Now is the time to put that old projector and screen away.  We will convert your family 8mm film to DVD / Super 8mm film to DVD / 16 mm films to DVD using the frame by frame transfer process.  We only use HD projectors to transfer your film, even if it is only being uploaded to YouTube.  This ensures that all color and quality of your film is captured, right down to the grain of the film.

We also include, FREE of charge, archive quality reels and cases for your 50 foot film reels, spliced into larger reels.

We are also one of the rare companies that allow you to store your films on a hard drive since we utilize the RAW AVI files in EVERY film transfer order.  We can even export each of the FRAMES of your film as a TIFF, JPEG, or PNG image allowing you to truly archive your film, free from any codec issues in the HIGH DEFINITION.

There is no real time 8mm film transfer here.  That means higher quality for you.  Every single frame is captured, starting with High Definition 1080P, flicker free.

Once you save these treasured home movies in digital format, they can also be easily copied for other family members to enjoy.
They preserve your 8mm film from going through an old hot projector.  You will most likely never have to transfer your film again, unless you lose your hard drive or DVD.

Archive your film while watching your color corrected film on the big screen in colors and brightness that you have never experienced.  Our 8mm  film transfer and 16mm film transfer process does not damage your 8mm film, Super 8 film or 16mm film.  We closely inspect each film, replace splices and clean it if necessary.

Our projectors are well maintained and automatically stop if the 8mm film or 16 mm film is damaged. Prior to 8mm film or 16mm transfer, we clean and splice your film and fix every piece of film that is damaged or film that is about to be damaged. 

Every 8mm, super 8mm or 16mm film is scene by scene color corrected and edited before putting onto DVD or Hard Drive. 

You deserve no less after holding onto your memory artifacts for over 60 years!

8mm video tape, Hi8mm, Digital8, VHS, camcorder tapes to DVD

Convert your VHS to DVD and VHSc to DVD, your MiniDV tapes to DVD, 8mm and Hi8mm camcorder tapes to DVD with our convenient video transfer service.

Slide Scanning

Protect your 35mm slide images by putting them on Data DVD's and enjoying your memories thorough a slide show DVD.


Our film transfer customers and slide preservation customers include photographers, home movie archives (8mm film, super 8mm film, 16mm film to DVD) and countless hours of camcorder footage to DVD).

Our film transfer customers and slide preservation customers customers are found throughout the United States and Canada.

We are very proud to announce the locations of our of some of our film transfer customers and slide preservation customers who have dropped off or shipped their film to us include EVERY US STATE!

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 Film Transfer to DVD | Slide Scanning | Camcorder tape to DVD


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