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Ask These 5 Questions Before You Hire a Video Production Company

Blue Cloud Video has been in the video production scene for quite some time now, and we’ve seen how effective communication between us and our clients is for a satisfying bond that results in high-quality videos. While we do our best to reflect our videos to what our client envisions, it’s still important for the client to know the route they want their videos to go.

To help our clients, we’ve created five questions that they need to 

What is Your Video’s Purpose?

Before you consider hiring a video production company, you need to know the purpose of your video first. Is it to show the public your new product or service? Do you want to announce something to your audience? Do you want to educate your viewers about something important?

It’s crucial for both you and the video production company that you’re planning to hire to know what route your video is going to take.

Once you know your video’s purpose, you can now plan accordingly and set proper expectations. By telling them what the video is for, you’re helping them set goals and objectives necessary to make the video impressively good.

Who Will Be Watching the Video?

You have to be aware of the audience you’re trying to reach. This is important because you need to deliver video content that brings value to them. You need to have a crystal clear vision of your target audience so you can give them the information that they want. Additionally, you can help your video creator hasten the project if you’re already aware of your audience’s wants and needs, especially if your video is for a targeted campaign.

What Information Does Your Audience Need to Know?

If you’re aware of what information your audience wants from you, the process of video creation will be much easier for you and for your video production company. To do this, you need to look at their perspective. You also have to understand that the information you want them to know is different from the information THEY want to know. Once you know their wants and needs, you can coordinate with your video producers to make a bespoke video for them.

How Close Are Your Audience From Taking Action?

How much information does your audience know about a specific topic and how close do you think they are to taking any action? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you and your video production company discern where your audience is in the marketing funnel. Where your audience is in the marketing funnel will dictate the course of the video.

If they’re unfamiliar with your brand, you need to create a video content that introduces them to your business. This video needs to leave a lasting impression. However, if they’re at the middle or top part of the funnel, you’ll need to create a video that will help them make better decisions. Understand that these variations have different requirements when it comes to storytelling and budget.

What CTA Do You Want?

Do you already have an idea on what call-to-action you want to use? If so, you need to tell your video creator. They’ll be responsible for making your video compelling enough to encourage your audience to take action for themselves. Your preferred video production company will take care of everything and make sure they point towards your CTA.

Storytelling-focused videos are not easy to create. If you want your video to be compelling enough for your audience, you need to ensure you’ve got the necessary information to do so. Once you do, we here at Blue Cloud Video can help you create the perfect video for your needs.

4 Primary Reasons Why You Need a Product Demo

Do you have a product that you want to showcase to the world, but don’t know how? You can do so using product demo videos. You can’t just promise your customers that your product can do this or that – you have to show them!  A product demo video is a good way to show your product to your customers, how it works, and how it can solve their problems.

In this article, we’ll show you some good reasons why you should consider making product demos for your business.

It Shows That Your Product Works

It’s natural for your customers to be skeptical about their purchases. To combat that skepticism, you need to show them how your product functions. A well-made product description created by a reputable video production company can help your customers make a buying decision. With product demos, you’re basically taking them by the hand and showing them how your product operates and how it can solve their problems.

It Shows Your Product’s Features and Benefits

One of the key benefits of a product demonstration is that it can showcase your product’s key features to your customers. Make the most out of this opportunity and demonstrate why your product is unique, how it can address your customers’ pain points, and how it can add value to their lives.

Save Time and Money

One of the primary reasons why businesses hire video production companies for product demos is because they want to save time and money while guaranteeing quality work. If you’re a business owner who decided to make those product demos yourself, you’ll be needing top-notch equipment to make your videos look professional. This, of course, requires spending extra on cameras, lighting, sound devices, and editing software that you’re more likely to use once.

Announce and Show Your Products Through Email

Your existing clients can be your loyal followers, and they’re more likely to purchase your products compared to cold leads. These groups of people are more likely subscribed to your email list, so what better way to show them your new product and how it works through email marketing? By attaching your product demos to your marketing emails, you can let them know about the existence of your product without sounding too intrusive compared to other types of marketing.

Hire a Video Production Company to Make Your Product Demos

If you want to save resources and ensure your customers understand how your product works, you should start making product demos today. With our help, we can make your product shine the brightest with our expertise in video production and video marketing. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create effective product demos today!

Look at These Qualities When Hiring a Video Production Company

Are you planning to incorporate videos in your business’ marketing efforts? If so, you’re going to need someone experienced enough to make them for you. Hiring a video production company can be one of your most important investments, as it can be a contributing factor that can make or break your brand, especially online. Before you hire a video production company, make sure they have these qualifications first so you can guarantee they deliver a satisfactory product.

High-Quality Equipment

Hiring a video production company because they have the right equipment is a valid reason. Here’s the thing about videography: the higher the quality of the equipment is, the better the output will be. Aside from the cameras, they must also have adequate lighting and sound equipment too. Additionally, they must also have a powerful editing software. If they have the access to top-tier equipment, then you can count on them to deliver a quality video output.


Sure, they have quality videography equipment in their arsenal, but can they use it optimally to create stunning videos? To find out, you need to check their previous projects and see if they’re up to your standards or not. Their portfolio represents their work ethic, how talented and creative they are, and how dedicated they are in pursuing excellence in their field. Every reputable video production company has their portfolio, so don’t be afraid to ask them for it.


If you’re impressed by the quality of their work, then you should also check if their previous clients share the same sentiment as you. Since these clients have previously worked with them, they know the work ethic of this video production company. Maybe they’re competent with their craft, but their crew may be unprofessional. You’d only know once you take a peek on what their previous clients have to say about them.

Affordable Pricing

The commercial and corporate video production industry is quite competitive, so any sane video production company must offer their services competitively. If you want to get a taste of what you’re about to pay for, you need to know if their rates are justifiable based on the quality of service they provide. Additionally, don’t hesitate to ask them a quote for your project. Some video production companies will even give these quotations for free!


There’s more to professionalism than being polite to your clients. A competent video production company must also be punctual in everything they do. They must be able to deliver the video on time or earlier, with minimal to no imperfections. Not only that, the output must also be according to the vision of the client. If the video production company you chose is professional and punctual, then they’re qualified to work with you.

You Need a Reliable Video Production Company

If you need high-quality video for your corporate event, commercial, or any other purposes, we’ve got you covered. At Blue Cloud Video, we deliver the finest videos in all of the United States.. We’ve been filming and creating videos for years, and you can count on us to give you a captivating and attention-grabbing video you deserve. Contact us today and get your free quote!